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What Are The 5 Most Famous Diets?

There are several types of diets available today, and they each are based on their own theories. Some of the top diets followed today are given below.


#1. Fit for Life Diet


One of the most popular diets includes the ‘Fit For Life Diet’. This is one of the most notable diets because of its uniqueness. It is unique because of the fact that it has instructions that are quite different to other diets. This is because this diet advises one to eat nothing but fruits from the time one awakens till noon. In this diet it is said that nothing else should be combined when consuming fruits. This is because of the belief that when foods are combined or consumed inappropriately, they become rotten and do not benefit individuals, and they may develop into toxins.


For lunch, one is supposed to have a carbs-based diet. No other food substances should be consumed with it. This is because of the belief that combining food leads to toxins building up or incomplete digestion. For dinner, one is supposed to consume a protein-based meal. This means that no other food substance should be included, as food combination will lead to the food not being digested properly.


Having high protein means that one is only supplied with body building material, and carbohydrates and fats are reduced. It is because of this that one is believed to lose weight easily.

#2. High Protein Diet


Another popular diet is the high Protein diet. This is a diet that it consists of protein as the main food substance. Other food substances are lowered for intake. This means that it is opposed to what is mentioned in the food pyramid, therefore is not a balanced diet.


#3. Cabbage Soup Diet


Another diet that is popular is the Cabbage diet. It is a diet based on cabbage, and one that is believed to be successful at reducing weight in quick time. It is a liquid diet which means that one would be able to consume a great deal of the diet. The Cabbage diet is such that the more one has, the greater his or her chances of losing weight are, and this is because of the fat burning qualities vegetables, such as cabbage, have.


#4. 'Eat Right For Your Type' Diet


In addition to this, there is the ‘Eat Right For Your Type’ Diet. This is a diet that is based on one’s blood type. It may sound odd as compared to other dieting strategies, but it must be said that research has proven this method to be successful with quite a few people. The foundation of the food burning in the body is believed to be associated with one’s blood type, as a person’s blood type has different qualities when it comes to burning food substances. Particular foods in appropriate quantities are advised, and on the basis of this one may lose, gain or maintain his or her weight.


#5. Low-Carbs Diet


It is believed that this diet is one that lowers one’s consumption of carbohydrates. It is believed that carbohydrates are responsible for a person’s increased weight, and that by cutting down on carbs, one may lose weight. Since carbohydrates are the main suppliers of calories, it must be asserted that minimum calorie requirements are supplied by fats and proteins rather than carbs as its intake is lowered to a minimum.


It must be noted that while following each of these diets, one has to be alert and note if there are any side effects. In case there are, the diet must be discontinued. The side effects may occur due to an imbalance of a diet disagreeing with a person.




Combine all list diet above with regular workouts and taking the right supplements like phen24 or clenbutrol. This will speed up your diet process.